Friday, March 6, 2015

Return to Green River Feb. 13th

 This trip took place on Friday, February 13th. Although my buddies bailed on me, it was way too great of a sunny winter day to waste indoors. Instead I decided to head to Green River (Putah creek West) and try for some of their trophy rainbows.

As you might recall, the last time I went out there with Mark from Northern California Trout we got the ol skunk but I swore to figure out the combination to this creek. I can honestly say I gave it a great effort.
right hand view
in front of me
I arrived at around 9am and the banks of the green were already littered with fly fisherman. I went to my first spot. This spot is close to the dam which I figure would attract more fish. It looks easy to fish since the water kind of bottlenecks in one area and then flows through.  I threw a few flies and also got some caught in the bushes.
left hand view and dam

 If you didn’t know, Putah creek is the type of place where you are forced to improve your roll casts.
Left hand view
right hand view
A bit later I went to the second spot of the day. The time I was here with Mark, we met a guy that had a specific way of fishing one hole that is pretty deep, wide and slow. He fished it like you would fish a regular bobber: about 3 feet of leader underneath the strike indicator and wait for a bite. Unfortunately for me, this didn’t work.

In front of me

The Riffle
Spot number 3 was also a familiar spot with a great looking riffle. Last time I was here I cast at this area and had no luck. Yet the spot looks so fishy, I figured I would try it again. So I cast various flies at the riffle and let them drift in different directions with no takers. At one point I pulled out a mosquito pattern that I picked up at a fly shop and tossed it out under an indicator. Even though this fly was a dry fly, after hitting the fast paced water, it went under.  A few casts later I felt something and so I set my hook and sure enough I had a fish on my 2 lb tippet! I pulled him in and as I reached for my net, snap! He broke that 2 lb tippet and then he was gone. 

Even though I lost the fish, It was great having the sensation of a putah creek trout on the end of my line. Aside from that it was a gorgeous mid-winters day in California and I was out at the fishing hole during the week. Life was good. The perfect end to the Day was a burger and beer at Plainfield Station. 

As I have said before, Every fishing hole is like a lock and your job as a fisherman is to figure out the combination. Last time I was here I failed, this time I didn’t land the fish but I inched closer by finding a fly they would take.  I’m getting closer to cracking the code and when I do, it will be glorious!

Total Fish: 0

Winter day in California


  1. Juan
    Beautiful waters you were fishing there, from reading your post I suspect this place has it's share of anglers everyday. I have found pressure on any stream or tailrace makes it a challenge for any fly fisherman to land trout on a regular basis. I feel share you will score on your next outing. Thanks for sharing

  2. Way to go. Putah is a toughie. Maybe next time.

  3. Way to stay after it, Juan. Things work out in amazing ways some time. Having the confidence to know that you hooked and had a fish almost to the net helps build your fly fishing character. Keep after it..........................