Thursday, May 7, 2015

Another day at Legendary Pond

Although my previous trip to Legendary pond was weak, I got together with Charles and Moses and tried the opposite bank of the one we were fishing. This spot has kind of a walk but nonetheless we made the trip and tried out the North bank. 

According to Moses, this was the bank where they had slayed them a day before our last trip here. I put that thought to the test and cast out my spiining rod with a swim bait and after my second cast I had the first bass of the day. 

A bit later Charles got into a fish as did Moses. It was a windy day so I didn’t bother to bring along my fly rod. Even with spinning rods it was difficult to fish on a windy day. The wind just happened to be hitting in a different direction from where we were. Same bank, just a spot that was not accessible. 

Even though the wind stayed consistent, we continued to catch fish. At one point the bite died down and I decided to take a walk to a different side of the pond and ended up finding a bunch of cattails. In a small cove area. I found a cool looking area amongst the cattails where the surface was covered in weeds with the exception of a few spaces. I dipped my rod in one of those spaces and fish on! I knew it would be a good spot! I cast towards the cattails and caught a few fish until the sun went down. I thought to myself that this would be a great spot to try out the fly rod because of its steep drop offs and vegetation so I figured I would bring it along next time. 

All in all Charles ended up pulling out 14 bass, Moses pulled out 12 along with the biggest one and I finished the day in last place but still had a fantastic day. 

Total Fish: 9 Largemouth Bass

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  1. I don't know about you guys, but I got rained on all day yesterday. Looked like a Basstastic kind of day.