Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Nice One for Brian


Jeremy had the day off so we made a quick afternoon trip out to Legendary ponds. My main intention was to revisit a spot that I had found a few days prior and attack it with the fly rod.

Upon arriving I went to work with a black Wooley bugger and caught my first bass of the day on the fly.  I continued and landed another, but then the bite went dead for a while so I switched to the spinning rod.  I caught a couple more. Jeremy fished and on a couple of occasions we had double hook ups which was pretty great. 

At one point I switched back to the fly rod but they were no longer wanting the WB. I looked through my flies and tossed out some streamers with no success. It was then I found a fly that I had yet to try. 

Last winter Bryan Dale tied me a couple Golden Orioles, his personal creation.  As he often did. The guy tied them for me for no charge, even though I offered repeatedly to pay. It is a heavy fly which is kind of difficult to toss out at first. Once I got a hang of it, I tossed it out and BAM! A nice little bass was on my line, thanks Bryan!! To date this is the largest bass I have caught on the fly. I was excited and as I tossed it out a couple more times I got a couple more strikes. Finally while playing what felt like a good sized bass, he won the fight and swam off with my fly in its mouth. 
I had one more but I didn’t want to lose it so I switched back to my spinning rod. I ended up catching a couple more to end the day. Not a bad day at all! 

Total fish: 10 Largemouth Bass


  1. Nice work out there, Juan! Way to be persistent. That's a great looking fly Brian was an excellent tier, and knew what worked. 10 bass is a great day in my book!

  2. Kudos, Juan. Great to see you getting in some decent Bass fishing. Excited for you that some were on the fly rod. Wooly Buggers catch fish! Nice to see you using and catching fish on some of Brian's creations. He would have been proud of you...

  3. Juan
    Awesome pattern landing some nice largemouths, what weight fly rod were you using? Thanks for sharing

  4. Sometimes it takes the "off the wall" fly to make a winner. Remember the pink/black Wooly Bugger?

  5. Very cool. Good to see someone catching out there. :D