Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bulk Reports on Legendary Pond

In order to catch up I need to do this in bulk! If I don’t do this I will never catch up! I have a trip to Nebraska in there as well, but ill post it up later. We are simply slaying them at the pits. Some days are a little better than others but we never get skunked. 
4/28 – a little bit slower of the day at the pits. I started with the fly and eventually switched over to the spinning rod. I caught one on a black wooley bugger and then the bite stopped. Its seems that the first few casts will get them on the fly and after a while they stop falling for it. Then I have to cast out further to get them, which is why I am always armed with the spinning rod. Anyway, we had a couple of doubles on throughout the day so Jeremy is really loving the spot. As for the dorky pictures with the buff on my face, that was a running joke that we have with some of my buddies about looking like a “pro fisherman” with the buff on. lol

Total Fish: 7 Largemouth Bass

5/05 – While in Nebraska I purchased some cool looking poppers and a white “cloth” worm. I am not sure what ele to call the thing, but it is essentially a cloth worm on an offset bass hook. When I saw it I loved it and thought it might work great for bass. Sure enough, the worm has a fantastic action to it and looks great swimming in the water. Even better than that, it produces fish! 

Total Fish: 10 Largemouth Bass
5/8 – 3 days later I went out again with my buddy Art. He isn’t much of a fisher but he was visiting so I figured I would take him out on the water and hoped to get him into some fish. This trip was only a spin fishing day since it was pretty windy. Did happen to catch a nice one, which looked kind of slim hipped so I figure it was a post spawner. Art did happen to get into a couple of fish so we were both happy. 

Total fish: 5 Largemouth Bass


5/11 – Another super windy day so I only brought along the spinning rod.  Not a lot of big ones but a good amount of fish. 

Total fish: 12 Largemouth Bass

5/12 – The next day was windy but I brought along the fly rod anyway. We fished off of some steep cliffs and sure enough the bass were very active in this untouched area. I walked around and made my way back to the spot with the cattails to use the fly rod. I managed a couple of quick ones on the Golden Oriole again. Caught them on both the Fly and the spinning rod. 

Total Fish: 14 bass. 

In all some great trips out at Legendary pond. Like I said, much better to cover these trips in bulk so I can catch up! Hope you all enjoyed the pics! Another benefit it makes it look impressive when I finish off like this:

Total fish: 48 Largemouth bass


  1. You knock off 48 Large mouth's in 14 days and you want me to come and fish (harder than hell to catch anything) Putah Creek. And I thought you were my friend. Just kidding.

  2. Juan
    What are you doing with all those bass---eating them our throwing all back---awesome!! Thanks for sharing

  3. Juan, I will try to post a comment again here. The first one disappeared. Really looks like you got "it" going on with the fishing at that pond. Some nice work on the Bass. Fly or spin fishing makes no difference as long as the fish agree......

  4. Dang. Looks like you are breaking the bank in over there. When you gonna finally fish the ocean?