Friday, June 21, 2013

Searching for Summer Bass!

Happy First day of summer folks! i hope your shade is cool, your beer is cold, your lines are tight and your bank is broke! As it is the first day of summer and not too much of a scorcher, I will be welcoming the new season with a 6 pack of Sierra Nevada Summerfest a little fishing!

After my wasington Bass episode, I  have a taste in my mouth for catching a bucketmouth! I haven’t been back to Boss pond since early this year when I got skunked and I feel like it’s just about time I go back. Unfortunately my buddy Jaime has been having a bit of a rough spot and hasn’t caught anything so it seems he is taking a break from fishing. I will let you guys know if I make it out there this summer. 

Well, since the closest Bass hole around here is Lisbon (where my buddy luis has had success catching two largemouths in two weeks) I figure I will try for some buckets out there. Last time we were there I used rattle traps and soft plastics, but no dice. I figured I will try some top water lures but also use some more soft plastics. One lure that I will look to use is a Heddon torpedo.

I recently discovered the Torpedo while fishing with my bro-in-law in Washington state. After a couple of casts I had a fish on so I am hoping that these Cali bass will react just as the Washington bass did, but we will see. I am pretty sure they sell them at Wal Mart and if they do, I will use one and let you know how it worked.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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