Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Washington State Fishing!!

I’m back from Washington! It feels good to be home although I am tired. Nonetheless if somebody asked me to go fishing with them, I would still go no matter how tired I am (somebody please ask me to fish with them!).

Well anyway, on Monday I convinced my brother in law Conrad who we call Coco, to take me fishing.  Coco picked me up around 3 and we took Mike (wifes younger sisters boy friend) with us as well. It was his first time fishing EVER! Between me and Coco we know a good deal about bass fishing so he was in good hands.

Coco knows some FANTASTIC honey holes in Eastern Washington. He took me to one spot where a creek dumps into a large pond. He was talking up the spot so much I was excited. However when we arrived, the spot was taken. Instead we looked around for another spot and found an area where the pond drains out into a small creek. We saw a small largemouth in the water there so we decided to stick around.

We started off with frogs and popping frogs. i had no luck but one of my bro's in law got a few strikes.

My brother in law fishes for bass and nothing else so he has a lot of bass gear. I am often wary of buying gear that is too expensive and doesn’t necessarily work. Fortunately this was not only a time of fishing but of testing his gear!

After a bit i switched up to a red and silver rapala x-rap pop. I got a few pops in and let her sit at one point because my bro in law was talking to me. When i looked back my popper was gone but I felt no tension. i reeled in and then i felt it! I set my hook, adjusted my drag, reeled in and I reeled in this 3 lb 17.5 in washington state bucketmouth!

A bit later I traded rods with mike. His reel had bad line in it, which Coco had warned me about, but I ignored. I stopped getting bites on the popper so I went in Coco’s tacklebox and fished a hedon torpedo. Really i was just testing it because I had never used one before. I found the lure to look a bit dainty  but the small propeller also intrigued me.
On my second cast i was zipping it over my way when all of a sudden I got a smash. I start reeling in and the fish was putting up a nice fight. All of a sudden I heard a pop and the line tip flew at me as the fish swam away. The line had snapped right in the middle. I was pissed! a second later the torpedo floated to the top of the water and was carried away from the current.
At this time it was about 7 and we would have kept on fishing but this storm came and chased us away! We packed up just in time to avoid the huge storm that ensued! 

Washington state seems to be a great place to fish for bass! We en

ded the day with only one fish and although I would have wanted all of us to get at least one, I was happy that I wasn’t skunked! I was also happy that i got to bond a little with my brother in law  and sister in laws boyfriend.


  1. Nice, nice Bass, J.
    Good to see you having some pretty good fishing so far this year.

  2. You are having much better luck with the green fish this year than I am.