Friday, March 27, 2015

I'm Bringing Spin fishin' Back!

I just realized before posting this that this is my first spring fishing trip. Let's make this spring a good one, folks! 

On Sunday we decided to hit davis pond, which we now decided to call, “Walter Pond.” It was pretty windy so I decided against taking my fly rod and only took the spinning rod. I knew that using the spin rod would make it easier.

Upon getting there I went to some topwater lures. A popper, a torpedo, and a jiter bug. No interest, which surprised me because they were all over the small popper . After that I switched to some ratl traps and crankbaits. Still, no takers. Jeremy decided to try some top water as well and he wasn’t having any luck either. A bit later Walter arrived and he started fishing with a senko.  We have had a lot of success with a green senko here so it didn’t surprise me to see Walter be the first to catch a fish. A bit later Jeremy switched over to the green senko and he caught a couple so what else could I do but follow their lead.

A bit later I got into my first bass. It was a nice skinny looking fish with a big head which made me think it was a post-spawn bass. A bit later I switched spots, cast into the cattails and caught a second bass. Now it was all coming together. Every few casts was a strike or a fish.

During one of my casts I tossed the senko into the cattails, it dropped and I had a fish on. This one felt a little heavier and when I pulled it to shore I realized it was a fatty. When I lifted it out of the water I realized it was a female with a belly full of eggs. I  took a couple of pictures and made sure she was swimming well before she left.

Towards the end of the night the wind had blown all the slime away and the water was super clear. We could see all kinds of panfish swimming the shallows and chasing our big lures which had hooks  which were way too big for a panfish mouth. And on top of that the wind died down which would have been great for fly fishing!  Oh well, next time I won’t leave home without it!

Total fish: 5 Largemouth Bass


  1. Juan
    All those bass lures you mentioned brings back fond memories of my days tournament fishing for the largemouth. Landing bass on the spinning tackle was always much more fun than landing bass on bait casting reels. I think I would have to go back and check out the bluegills, sounds like their will be a great spawn in that pond. Congrats on a great trip. Thanks for sharing

  2. Sweet outing, Juan! I'm still waiting for a Spring like day over here. Those are some great looking LMB!