Monday, April 6, 2015

A Big Mama!

My latest trip was over to Walter pond. This time it was just me and Jeremy. We had plenty of daylight left so we decided to take fly rods and spinning rods.
We arrived at the pond at around 5. We started with fly rods and cahills. I was eager to catch some fish to use my new measure net! Luckily I got to christen it with some fish.

Most of the time the net was obnoxiously unnecessary but like I said, I just wanted to use it to measure my fish. I drew first blood with a gill and a bit later Jeremy did as well. Gills were a plenty but then at one point they just stopped eating flies at which point I tied on a popper and tried for some bass. I had a couple strike the popper but none of them stuck.

Meanwhile Jeremy went to work with a rubber worm and did what he does on the  bait caster. For whatever reason there is a specific worm that the bass there LOVE! It is a blue with a chartreuse tip. He continued catching bass after bass.

After a while I switched over to this worm and spinning rod as well. Within the first five casts I had a fish on, a nice little bass. I got to measure all of my bass with my new measure net so I was happy about that.

 I continued to catch a few bass as did Jeremy. As it was getting a little darker, I tossed my senko in and had a nice takedown. I set my hook, reeled in and this fish pulled right back! I knew it was going to be a nice one. I reeled and reeled and this bruiser peeled line for moments at a time. Just when I would think that I had it close, it would take off and make my rod double over. Luckily it is an ugly stick so I had no fear of it breaking but I still loosened up my drag. Eventually, this big mama came to net and we were able to get her measured, weighed and set free. I made sure she had plenty of water in her before I saw her violently splash and swim away. Although she fought hard, looked fat and measured 19 inches, my scale only read 3.6 lbs. I could have sworn she was at least 4 or 5 lbs but both of us were surprised when the scale only showed 3.6 lbs. either way, she was a beautiful fish and the last of the night.
Total fish: 6 bluegill + 4 Largemouth bass = 10 fish


  1. At least you're getting out and fishing.

  2. Nice fish!
    I never really trust those little hand held scales. A 19" bass is usually in the 4 lb range... so I think you can safely round up and no one will question or doubt you on it. But I do have one question...
    Is that your personal best Largemouth?

  3. That's a nice catch. One nice fish is better than catching dinks all day in my opinion.

  4. Juan
    Missing bluegill can be annoying, but most the time it is the little ones slapping at it and can really get it in their mouth. Nice haul on the bass and gills. Thanks for sharing

  5. Hi, Juan. I'm back to blogging again after a short break. As you know I have started afresh again with a new blog. I appreciate your support and being a BlogBuddy. First things first, could I please ask you to update your Blogroll with my current blog. If you want to leave the old one up that is fine too. However, I won't be writing there in the future.

    Now, with all that said, really happy to see you getting into the Bluegill and Bass. That bigger Bass is a beauty. Nice work with the worm. Thanks for sharing. The smile on your face says it all!