Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3 Trips!

 Unfortunately I have not been keeping up with my blogging but on the bright side, that’s because spring is here and fishing is getting great! I have quite a few trips and a good amount of fish to tell you all about.  I’ll be discussing 3 separate trips in this post with a total of 13 fish.

April 8th – Started the day at Walter pond fishing with my fly rod and got into quite a bit of blue gills on the fly. I caught them all on a light cahill. As it got a bit darker I switched over to a dark green worm and was able to get into a couple of bass before it got too dark to fish.
Total Fish: 9 bluegill + 2 Largemouth bass = 11 fish

April 10th – I got together with my newer fishing buddy Moses. A day before Moses and Charles had gotten into a good amount of buckets out at the Legendary Pond so we decided to give it a try. Moses used a wacky worm rig to catch a few small bass and I thought I would finish the day off skunked, even after throwing the entire tacklebox at them. As the sun dipped into the hills I took a River to Sea Swim bait to finally land one small bass which beat the skunk.It wasn't very legendary on this day!
Total Fish: 1 Largemouth bass

April 14th – Jeremy had the day off so we decided to hit Walter pond and try for some bass. The day was a slow one. We tossed our usual worms at the bass and they wanted nothing to do with them. Instead of hitting our usual spot, we went around the pond and hit other spots. Jeremys buddy Jeff was the first to get a hit and land a bass. Him and Walter had the hot hand and ended up landing 5 bass between the two of them. Jeremy ended the day with two bass and once again I ended the day with a buzzer-beater as we were about to leave!
Total fish: 1 Largemouth Bass

Total fish: 9 bluegill + 4 Largemouth Bass = 13 Fish


  1. I took Yuki up to Cat Creek yesterday to start fly fishing for trout. I told him that if he turned into a Juan Lopez fly fishing monster I would not claim any responsibility. Fish on Brother.

  2. Juan
    You are forgiven ( as long as you are fishing) for slacking on you blog activities. Awesome fish landed. thanks for sharing

  3. Some good stuff, Juan! I, too, have been busy fishing, and having to juggle a bunch of different things at once, but I'm still around and reading. So, don't you worry!